About us

The designer
Nadia Mari is a fashion designer from Rome, Italy. Her production features unrelentless research and innovation. In the past, she spent several years working for major “Made in Italy” brands, in particular as a responsible for accessories. This also explains why, once she created her eponymous brand, she started designing dresses that aim at enriching women just like an accessory can do. Nadia Mari works in the direction of a multiform, dynamic, puzzling beauty. She believes beauty is everywhere, and this is why everywhere she looks for inspiration.
Nadia Mari as a designer
The brand
Female beauty can take countless shapes depending on imagination: this is NADIAMARI’s key concept. Dresses are created to give value to every woman’s natural sensuality, freeing her from a squared, conventional idea of elegance. Nadia designs her own exclusive prints on 100% “Made in Italy” fabrics, predominantly silk and cotton. A patch and a mix and match of fabrics and prints makes every dress a unique item, a technique that is even more highlighted in the One-Of-A-Kind capsule. She merges the milestones of fashion (the oversize tshirt, the robe manteau...) with an exclusive design, which creates dresses that are unique in their ability to merge classic elegance with a touch of timeless, unconventional spirit.
Nadia Mari's brand
“Manager, housemaid, artists: there are thousands of women. My dream is to highlight, through my dresses, everyone’s courage, loveliness, individuality.”